Mario’s Firedancer Remixed

Christof and Tina made a killer goulash. Good enough and in enough quantity that the two huge pots fed half the downtown fashion crew at Mario Sorrenti’s holiday party. Not at all the bland stuff we were fed in the school cafeteria back in seventies Sweden – no this was filled with deep swirling ancient Hungarian flavor.

Halfway through the night the light goes down and a firedancer shows up. I reflexively let my little LX3 capture a couple of takes of the dancing fireballs.

If one photographer captures an event at another photographer’s studio – is that a remix?
I kept thinking about remixes and what remixing photographs and video will become – how can we remix images in the same wonderful way that people are remixing songs. I decided to try to remix the few clips captured and see what image manipulation can really do to the result. I used the crackling artifacts of pixel motion and other filters in after effects until all that is left of the image is two soft blurs floating on the screen.

Dedicating the piece to Angela – I scoured the internet for all the remixes of Art Of Noise’s Moments In Love. The soundtrack cuts together strings, beatbox and drum n base versions of this wonderful 80′s masterpiece.

The video takes advantage of the new instructions of  how you upload and embed HD videos to YouTube. If you don’t have a fast enough connection you can watch it in ordinary YouTube quality here.

The dancer is Claire de Luxe of Lady Circus

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